Inheritance Tax Advice from IHT Specialists

Our dedicated Estate Planning team can provide specialist Inheritance Tax advice in relation to Will planning and Trusts, and can accept appointments as Executors and/or Trustees, if appropriate. The Fry Group has been helping individuals with tax-led financial planning since 1898 and Inheritance Tax advice. has become a key area in recent years as the average estate value continues to increase.

The Fry Group takes an integrated approach to estate planning, and by working with our in-house Tax and Financial Planning Teams we will ensure our client’s IHT planning is properly thought through – from setting up a properly structured Will to utilising appropriate trusts to shelter investments, so that assets are passed on in the most tax efficient way possible.

To contact The Fry Group’s head office in the UK please call 01903 231545 or email We have nine offices across the world – so if you would prefer to contact your local office, please refer to the details on the Contact Us page.

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